Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year

Hi guys, Mandy and I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year filled with good health and plenty of great fishing moments. A big thankyou to all our great clients, suppliers and sponsors who have continued to make Castaway the boat to be on throughout the last crazy twelve months. Even though 2020 was difficult the fishing was still good and on Castaway we continued to get clients onto some awesome fish with plenty of highlights including another big Cobia, a special mangrove jack as well as an insane session on giant herring! We also got clients onto heaps of great Mulloway and big Flatties and we spent a lot of the time using some of our newer techniques which has been super successful. All the regular finned friends played with Bream, Whiting and Flathead being staple catches when teaching lure techniques or just wanting to get a feed of fresh fish. Bass fishing in the rivers has been patchy with some unbelievable good sessions and then some hard ones as well, water quality has played a big part in the last year and as I write this the rivers are in minor flood so it will be a trip or two to sort them out again which is part of the job of being a guide.

Once the water subsides and starts to clear we should be in for some great fishing with the surface action in the Hastings just beginning fishing topwater for Bream, Flatties, Whiting and Bass will be the go to for fun fishing. Cicadas before this deluge were going crazy as was the Jelly prawns around the edges and flats and we were already into some excellent Whiting and Bream, let us hope the rain and floodwater does not disturb this for long. I for one cannot wait to get back on the flats.

Castaway will continue to stay on top of all the latest and greatest lures that come to the market and this year has been no exception. Old Favorites are still a must but who doesn’t like playing with new toys and a few you might want on your Christmas list that have been extremely successful on my boat the Samaki Redics in all sizes have caught and the larger models have accounted for Jewfish and big Flathead. The 60mm Samaki jerkbait has got plenty of fish but we have had a couple of amazing sessions on the Bass earlier in the season, one session with a good friend accounted for 130 bass coming to the net only two of which was not caught on the Redic! Jerkbaiting is so much fun and the hits are usually not subtle and that goes for Bass, Flatties and Jewfish. Holt Production prawns is the first prawn I will say has been great it comes in several sizes and has been excellent for us on Flathead, Bream and the larger size has caught Jewfish as well, these soft prawns are different to others and have a wicked movement from their legs in the water well worth checking out. Prawn lures are a favourite of mine and it really is a no brainer when you think about it and MMD has a couple of prawn lures that have proven themselves to us as well, they are the Splash prawn and the soft prawn both are now go to lures. First the splash prawn has been getting bream and Whiting for us the last year and is great in all sizes. While the Bassday Sugarpen is still the lure that sets the bar for me as a surface lure the splash prawn has its place with different techniques that can be used. Onto the soft prawn and yep I know there is a million great prawns on the market but these little guys that come in three weights and are a great finesse lure and when you put them in the water you will know what I mean, jelly prawn comes to mind when you fish them and they have caught us all the usual suspects bream love them as do Whiting, Flatties and Bass. Castaway has many more lures which we are hanging to try some great glide baits and larger jerk baits which will be used for chasing oversize Flathead and we look forward to that. On a side note any client or group of clients that want to target and learn about techniques for the larger fish let me know when booking so we can discuss suitable conditions and give ourselves the best chance for getting good results, not to mention we need different gear for these techniques. I have to mention Sax Scent in this blog (otherwise the boss will hit me on the back of the head lol) seriously this has been exceptional for us on Castaway and with the UV hotspot range added this year has been a great help in getting so many memorable catches on board, the proof is in the pudding as they say and there are plenty of clients who have seen the results of using our scent first hand. Also a massive thankyou to all the pics we get for Mandy’s Sax scent Insta page and our facebook, you guys are nailing it and it makes me proud our little Aussie business has got a place in the market battling the imported overseas products.

Some new additions to our boat this year have been the full set up of Garmin gear including Panoptix livescope this has been amazing and can change your approach to certain species. My opinion a winner! The other thing we have done is the new Yamaha power plant this is also unreal and has improved the way we travel without doubt.

As we approach 2021 lets make it a big year with plenty of fishing fun for all of you guys, enjoy the festivities and stay safe.

NOTE: Christmas vouchers from Castaway are available and e vouchers can be done for those last minute pressies.

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