Crazy start to Spring on Castaway

Wow! to say the Month of September and beginning of October have been exciting on Castaway is an understatement with a fantastic start to the bass season with some clients cracking the 50 cm mark for the first time which is always a special moment for them and myself. Congratulations to Steve, Dan, Martin and James (his second on board) who joined the fifty club, I'm thinking that 60 cm is surely going to be the next benchmark for Bass (the Unicorn) as these fifties become the forties of yesteryear! So if the Bass action was sweet then the Saltwater was not far behind with some great Jewfish action and some cracking Flatties. Several Anglers had multiple Jewfish days and some metery's were landed it was great to see so many fish tagged and released as well. Bream have not really been on our radar but with surface activity starting to show up it wont be long before they are in full swing, we are already seeing Bream smashing prawns up river so again it wont be long till its surface fun at its best for whiting,bream and Flatties. To the guys who follow our Facebook page you will notice our short action film clips we have been putting up. These are put up for some entertainment and to show the excitement of lure fishing in our rivers on the Mid North Coast hopefully most of you enjoy them, a fair bit of effort goes into this. Filming, guiding and netting can be hectic at hookup times. Keep an eye on our you tube channel "Castaway Fishing" and subscribe as we move forward there will be more clips on this. As well as our you tube channel you can also find us on Instagram.

Looking forward can always be a risk but the way it is shaping up it should be a great summer and to all my regular clients who book with me over Christmas and new year I think you may need to contact us as soon as you know your holiday dates as bookings are filling and we do not want anyone to miss out.Gift vouchers are available, but also remember if you have a specific date to use it let me know at time of purchase so we can confirm that date is available.

As always we try to keep on top of all new gear and techniques and over the coming months you guys will get to use some of the best and deadliest lures on the market plus some of the best equipment i.e reels, rods etc.. when your on board don't be shy to ask questions about the gear so you get a full understanding of what we use and why we do. Also I have no problems discussing sounder interpretations or boating in general, remember we want you to catch fish but also want you to go away with your head spinning from all your new information!

Castaway has been doing custom rods for a long time now 30 yrs to be exact originally under the Tacklerat logo however that name has somewhat been hammered to death by everyone since the mid eighties so will be dropping it for a new fresh image to link in with our fishing business. At the moment we are doing custom estuary sportfishing rods and if anyone is looking for one before Christmas you will need to order now as November is the cut off date as January/Feb are strictly guiding, you can ring or message me for details.

Sax Scent Fish Attractant another part of Castaway Fishing will have some exciting news in the next month regarding our product and we really look forward to showing this to you as it happens, its going to be sweet! as always all up to date happenings will be on our Sax scent Facebook and Instagram pages. It really is a exciting time at Castaway so why not join in the fun!

Look forward to fishing with you on Castaway, cheers

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