Great Winter sportfishing options on Castaway

Hi Fisho's Welcome to the cooler part of the fishing season and what a great winter it shapes up as, we have had some decent rain and with the water looking great and water temps starting to drop its time to target some deepwater bream and jewfish and judging by the current fishing action it could be one of our best winters in recent times.

On board Castaway lately we have been targeting the above species and have been getting some top results with several clients landing their first jewfish on plastics and soft vibes. While fishing for these prized fish quite a few anglers get to land decent flatties and a few have been PB's for anglers, so the deepwater in winter holds some great flathead as well. Bream are about and although not as schooled as they will get over next few months it is still easy enough to get a decent bag. Samaki soft vibes remain at the top of the tree for chasing this species as well as the Jewfish and over the winter if your not using them in the Hastings or Maclaey rivers you really are missing out, the Thumper tails and vibelicious really do catch everything. Vibes may appear to be a simple lure to fish with but there definitely is differerent ways to work them and results can differ greatly if your not switched on to the bite! that's where Castaway can come in to lend a hand, I'm always keen to show some of the techniques that we use on board to deepwater vibe for Jew And Bream, and as a lot of anglers have found out its not hard but there may be a few tricks to master.

For those wanting to learn more about winter plastics we still do a bit of this and again deepwater plastics work a treat and if you can avoid the leatherjackets then the bream will come on board regularly on 2' to 4 in plastics. Flathead still take plastics in the shallows in the winter months and should not be considered a warmer weather target and on any given day you should be able to land a few for sport or the table, the only change from the warmer months is how we retrieve our lures.

This last month we have been doing a bit of onboard filming and putting up a few short films on our Castaway fishing facebook page, some sweet action footage for our clients and the odd heartbreaking loss are there to see. Also now with the drone now up and running, or maybe that should read "Now I have the Confidence" we are looking forward to some different views on our angling and also keep an eye on our you tube channel as we move forward with more fun times and action..hope you enjoy the winter season and catch ya on Castaway.

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