"Castaways" New year Fishylutions!

Welcome to our first blog of 2017 and we wish all our friends,clients, suppliers and supporters all the best for the coming year lets make it the best year so far with new goals to aim at and achieve. I'm tipping its going to be a huge year and personally I am looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and pushing a few techniques that may need extra personal effort to make happen!

Castaway has like most businesses has a Facebook page, Instagram and a Castaway fishing you tube page, these are in place to show our catches on a day to day basis but also to showcase new gear as we get it and trial it so there is always something happening that may be of interest to you. Castaway fishing you tube channel has just acquired more camera gear including a drone and we have a few ideas lined up for this year with on water action and also a video blog "A guides perspective" this will be random ramblings but will include fishing gear tests, fisheries news plus a look at the things a lot of anglers ask on board plus for the guys who love to keep up to date with whats biting we will have an overview of the months fishing and what that means to me is you will get to see what is working and what we are doing and this hopefully equates to you getting onto more fish, all you guys and girls have to do is subscribe to the Castaway fishing you-tube page to stay involved.

Ok back to the fishing and January has started off in a big way with the boat on the water daily I will not say the fishing has been easy but i will say the clients who have been on board have got some cracking fish with quite a few big Flatties and some nice jewfish as well, the smaller flathead from 30cm to 45 cm have been a mainstay when hunting for a bigger model. On my two most recent Jewfish trips a important skill set shone through and it is something I always try to put across to my clients who chase jewfish or any species for that matter, that skill set is concentration and attention to detail. Both mentioned trips were tough the fish and bait were there but getting a bite was difficult.On both these trips my clients landed their first jewfish and they achieved this by not getting off track meaning retrieves stayed sweet,enthusiasm and commitment to their target species meant they stayed focused and this really made my day because it showed them that by not throwing in the towel and getting sloppy with your retrieve because nothing is happening that you can achieve your goal. Did I mention both these fish came in the last half hour and one with 5 minutes remaining! Remember fisho's if you want that trophy fish be it jewfish, big flatty 50cm bass or consistent bream fishing you have to focus on the target learn all you can about them try different approaches and maybe even come out with a guide who wants to see you achieve your goals! cheers


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