Jump onto “Castaways” awesome Spring fishing action!

Hi Fisho’s

Castaway is back from a couple of weeks holidaying at Frazer Island and Hervey bay, Mandy and myself had a great time Kayaking these areas in our Hobie kayaks. Now it’s back to the Hastings and the great spring fishing which is on offer to you guys in both the salt and the fresh. September 1st was the official opening of the bass season unfortunately a trip up the Macleay river earlier in the week revealed a very muddy scenario with dirty water all the way to Smithtown so that river was out for guiding this week and probably next as well making for a very anxious bass guide. The good news is the Hastings is fine and water quality good although the Maria arm remains dirty on the run out.

This Month will be a month of changed fishing seasons with Whiting, Bass, Bream, Jewfish and some very decent flathead being targets that will be available for clients to target. Flathead are always a favourite and with them being readily available and responsive to most lure methods chasing them will become a mainstay in spring. The size of some of the flatties we have captured recently has been excellent with fish in the 70cm range coming to the boat often. On Castaway we definitely do not mind you taking home a feed its part of the enjoyment however all flathead over 65cm we like to return to the water to carry on the breeding future of this great sport and table fish, don’t worry though there will be a host of bragging right pics to remind you of your big croc!

After our trip away we have had mixed results with jewfish but this month with the bait and fish moving back through the river it will be prime time to get your fix of silver, the jewies will spread out and provided we don’t get hammered with more rain we should have plenty of clients catching these memorable fish so now is the time to get your mates together to organise a trip.

Bream and whiting become a more common surface target towards the end of this month and it is a very exciting way to fish I haven’t met the angler yet that says they don’t like watching fish belt their surface offering, bring it on I say, love it!

In other fishing news I have been putting together articles for the website Kaydo Fishing World website and have completed 2 parts of a 3 part series of methods I use in the rivers here fishing deep water, here is the link too http://kaydofishingworld.com/mid-north-coast-deepwater-lure-fishing-part-2-upriver-bridges In Part 3 I will be looking at trolling the deeper holes and runs for jewfish and after doing this for several years we are confident this is a method that really puts another string to your bow, check them out or discuss with me on our next charter.

We are now looking at having permanent filming on our trips (obviously with clients Permission) this way we can put together highlights of our action and have it on our you tube channel which is castaway fishing we already have plenty of action to check out on this link https://www.youtube.com/user/CastawayEstuary/videos?sort=dd&view=0&shelf_id=0

So get on and subscribe to get some of the action and tips from our mid north coast rivers you may see something there you would like to target on your next trip. See ya’s on the water and don’t forget “Get Ya Rod Bent!”

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