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Hi Fisho’s, Welcome to Castaways new website designed and put together by my unbelievably patient wife Mandy, thank you for the huge effort you put in to our business If you guys can check it out and give us some feedback on what you think or what you would like to see as on this site we can do a fair bit more and be very up to date.

Hopefully there will be a lot more for you guys to look at with a lot more blogs on fish species, fishing techniques plus reports and you tube clips of all the action plus keeping you up to date on some of the great gear that we use on Castaway to keep you the keen lure fisho’s catching!

Winter is upon us and I won’t fib the mornings have been cool but the great thing about the mid north coast town of Port Macquarie is provided the westerlies drop off then by 8 am it’s amazing how quick the jackets or jumpers come off and the days become pleasantly warm.

June on the Hastings was very quiet for the first half of the month due to the East coast low that hit our shorelines and flooded our rivers however it certainly got the bream into gear as the fish mostly moved downriver to spawn and the first weeks back has seen my clients landing good numbers as well as some quality sized fish. This fishing should continue in our deeper sections for a while longer and so should the jewfish action with plenty of school sized fish coming to the net and mostly being caught on the light gear which makes for some crazy good action and fun!

Upriver has cleared and a few trips have seen us getting jewfish, flathead and bream which is good and with the fish spread out there are plenty of options on lure fishing techniques to use be it plastics, deep vibing or even throwing hard bodies in the deeper water remember the fish all still need to eat and what is needed is a change of tactics for the cooler period.

I still find a lot of anglers asking me about using vibration lures when they see the catches that we are taking on them and the questions range from which ones to purchase? How to use? Then to hear that some of these anglers have the lures but a not catching with them? well be it the brilliant softie “Samaki Vibelicious” or the “Astro vibes” and similar metal and polycarbonate blades, these lures are a deadly part of our winter fishing kit and there is definitely reasons why some days one style shines over another plus as well there are a few different techniques to try, if you are still not getting the results you want then grab a couple of mates and organise a winter trip with “Castaway Estuary Charters” because when you leave the boat you will know what these lures are about and how productive they really are. It also may make you get out of bed when the alarm goes off.

In other news Mandy and myself took a trip to Hinchinbrook and fished with the Barra Experts out of Cardwell We fished with Ian Moody Barra Sportfishing for 2 days and Mandy caught her first Barramundi which was great considering the water temps had dropped and the Barra were sulking! Got to say this is a great piece of water and beautiful location we will definitely be back for another crack at them.

Towards the end of July I will be attending the fishing trade show and hopefully will be putting together some footage on the relevant and new gear that we will be using on Castaway in 2016/17 this should be interesting because if you guys are like myself when I see all the new fishing toys I get that Homer look “mmmm new lures”.

Just Recently had the pleasure of Jason Hicks and his son Cory on board and was talking about a business Jason is putting together he does trophy Mirrors which are very good you will see pics here of some that were done up for us at Castaway, remember it is hard to take a pic of a mirror and get no reflection but these do look great and if you have caught a fish you want to remember Jason is the man for the job these will look great in your bar or den you will be able to order through myself and pricing is $190 for the large and $140 for the small, now just got to catch that bucket list fish!

We are still working out colours for our new Castaway Sax scent sport fishing shirts and will have these in for summer, the shirts from Daniel at Switchbait have been hugely popular and it amazes me seeing people holding fish wearing one of our shirts, great stuff and glad people like our product.

Ok guys that will wrap up this report I will have a product test/review in next week until then for more info you can check out our daily catches on our facebook page so come across and give us a like, also you can follow all our fishing adventures on Instagram and don’t forget NSWFM mag for monthly reports on what’s happening and for all you custom rod builders I have a few rod recipes going into Fishing world magazine in the upcoming months that may be of interest working on a Barra/cod, spiral wrap baitcaster at the moment hopefully to take on a Copeton Giant! cheers

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