Hi Fisho’s,

Well here we are in May and looking ahead for the next couple of months it is now time for Jewfish and bream, both these species love the cooler months and some great lure action can be had. Bream will hit the deeper water and will make for excellent sportfishing using vibes and plastics so do not be put off by the cooler months because the fishing can be exceptional right through to August.

How great was the Hastings crab season with mud crabs being readily available for anyone who cared to put a trap in, every time we did a crab run we were rewarded with delishous muddies it was a very consistent year, remember if wanting to do the crab trapping just let me know when you are booking.

From May 16th to may 21st Mandy and myself will be flying out for a few days Barra fishing up in the Hinchinbrook area so unfortunately will not be available for those dates but will be back into on the Monday 23rd and "Castaway" will be back on the water.

I would like to thank all my clients who have kept me busy right up to these last holidays the weather has been favourable and so has the fishing It is great to see so many parents getting their children into our great sport and its also exciting to see so many older guys and girls who are trying lure fishing after using bait methods for their fishing.I think that is what keeps us fresh there is always something new to try, plus new techniques to fool our target which means we never stop learning! If you are having difficulties getting onto a few fish or if there is a certain species you want to target give me a call on 0427239650 you can join the many anglers who are now catching fish on lures on a regular basis.

Lastly you can catch up with what's biting in the area through NSWFM fishing Monthly mag as I have a column on Hastings Area and also for action as it happens check out Castaways facebook page

cheers and look forward to fishing with you


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